Dealing with low days

With only 4 days left until I pick up my hire car and drive down south to start my Master's Degree, I had to help my parents put boxing in the loft today. My parents wanted their spare room back so all my stuff, that I'm not taking with me, had to go into boxes … Continue reading Dealing with low days


13 days to go!

The count-down begins!... Well, it began the moment I got a release date, but I haven't used that line yet... 13 days left until I fell in Love with a Psychopath is released! E-book will be available here: If you would like a paperback copy, watch this space! 🙂

Catching out a Catfisher (Fake profile)!

Recently I was approached by a guy on Facebook, who turned out to be fake. And why am I blogging about it? To raise awareness! I tried to reach out to Twitter to find the real person behind the photos, and have since had at least one comment; "Why is it necessary to find the … Continue reading Catching out a Catfisher (Fake profile)!

I’ve enlisted help! I have a marketing manager!

So, after the 1st of October, I will be super busy (super hooper!) with university work, so yesterday I asked my very good friend Robert (Checkers) to help with marketing my work. He will have access to my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and website and will be, not only be researching new ways to get exposure, … Continue reading I’ve enlisted help! I have a marketing manager!

Subscribe and get 50% off!

Did you know....   If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can get 50% off my e-book 'It's My Mistake'.   Subscribe here!   Don't forget to check out my new book trailer on my website! ~Penny.   P.s. 20 days until I Fell in Love with a Psychopath is out in e-book and paperback! … Continue reading Subscribe and get 50% off!

New Full Book Trailer! For Rose Garden Sanatorium

Guys! I have some more epic news to share. My friend, who made the teaser trailer, did a full length book trailer! I've posted it up on my website, go check it out! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter! ~Penny.  

Coming 29th September!

It's true! I Fell in Love with a Psychopath is coming out on the 29th of September! If you're an e-book fan, you can pre-order your e-copy here: Otherwise, watch this space for the paperback version! Don't forget to check out my new Teaser Trailer for Rose Garden Sanatorium here!